The Institute offers the following services to domestic and foreign companies, enterprises and organizations:

  1. Preclinical toxicity studies, specific types of toxicity and safety pharmacology of drugs.
  2. Preclinical study of the specific pharmacological action of antitumor, antimetastatic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic, antianginal, neuropsychological pharmacological, antimicrobial, membrane-, hepato-igenoprotektornyh etc.) drugs in experimental models in vivo and in vitro (isolated smooth - muscle cell method "Patch-Clamp" contractile activity of smooth muscle and heart cells with simultaneous recording of intracellular calcium, measuring transmembrane currents etc ..
  3. Molecular genetic studies using PCR.
  4. Bioequivalence study drugs by permeation through the mono cell layer culture of the Caco-2.
  5. Physical and chemical identity of the substance and dosage forms (spectrometry, GC, TLC, HPLC with diode array and massdetektsiey, fluorimetry, microcalorimetry).
  6. Resynthesis and development of technologies for the production of medicines.
  7. Preview, pre-registration and quality control of the starting substances, excipients and finished pharmaceutical products.
  8. The development / improvement of methods of analysis and the formation of drug regulatory analytical documentation.
  9. The advisory and methodological assistance to develop programs and conduct toxicological and pharmacological studies in line with the principles of "Good Laboratory Practice» (GLP).
  10. Organization of seminars and trainings on pre-clinical trials of medicinal products, OECD GLP etc.